ICONICLAND: a personal project about nature analog photography

This page is about a personal project which I believe so much in. It puts together some things I deeply love: hiking, Nature, my dog, and analog photography. Doing something with all these things together is incredible.
So in the last 2 years a project with no consistence became something I could not avoid doing: every moment I can I pack up my Hasselblad, my 250mm (a lens I love.. it let me see things in a different way), and my films (Kodak Ektar above all), and leave for some hours alone with Tabi, my little girl. She loves this so much, too! Sometimes we sleep under the stars. By the way, the image above is by a dear friend (and amazing photrographer) Andrea Zampatti, check out his incredible work here!!!!!!!

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L’essentiel est invisible pour les yeux